Friday, February 13, 2009

Strategic Visioning I - Reality Check : Where are we now?

I used to work for global company and experienced lots of organizational changes. Specifically when I worked for Asia-Pacific region I was part of management team leading the changes across AP countries working closely with HQ team. We called the process as organizational realignment and it starts from revisiting industry dynamics/ market demand and creating big vision to achieve.

Provided with the all the toolsets & howtos and facilitation, all the content needed to be created by the workshop participants. All the high level management team around world gathered together in Marriot Hotel in Bay Area California to do the Visioning Workshop. We outsourced a company from Ohio to do the facilitation together with HQ team from Mountainview and they provided the graphic toolkits etc for the workshop. After couple of days of workshop we shared common understanding around market dynamics, core competencies we have right now and we needed to have for tomorrow aligned with new business portfolio and our go-to-market strategies.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

營業戰略企劃 Enterprise Account Strategy Planning

The benefit of having toolset and/or methodologies is that since it encompasses whole aspects of the content area you are safe in planning not to losing any critical things. It start from Cutomer's Business Profile, Opportunity Profile, Compelling Event, Opportunity Assessment/ Competitive Analysis, Buying Decision Criteria, Milestone in Buying Process, Solution/ Unique Business Value, Competitor Analysis, Customer Relationship Strategy, SWOT etc.

組職力量開發 Organizational Competency Development

Competency development of organization starts from asking what are we going to achieve in the market? Then are we capable now? What about the capacity, can we meet the go-to-market timeline?

Do we have defined competencies in our organization?
Yes..uh.. but just gut-feeling. There is no structured definition of competencies.

So the organization development start from defining overall competencies of the organization to survive and thrive in the market. Then each competency set needs to be refined further down to skill set level which comprised all the detailed soft and/or hard skills with commonly communicatable definition in the related industry or market. And how much competency we need in which business unit by when? Is it possible to buy the competency from outside? This is question of acquisition. So this kind discussion on Buy, Develop of Partner with other companies need to be there. Then the portion of own development of the people in the organization will be taken into account.

Roles & Responsibility matrices in each organization need to be dynamically realigned at least annually with business strategies.